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BFFF’s Energy Club Helps Members Struggling with Energy Price Surge

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The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has initiated a program to help its members manage the huge rise in gas and electricity costs. The trade association’s Energy Club has been created in conjunction with Inspired PLC, a UK technology enabled provider of energy and sustainability advisory services.

The new club will allow BFFF members to group together to purchase their energy and give them access to larger discounts unavailable if they act as individual buyers.

Richard Harrow, BFFF’s chief executive, stated: “UK energy markets are currently experiencing alarming prices and extreme volatility. In fact, some of our members are facing ten-fold increases in energy costs, which at this point is unsustainable and could significantly affect their business.

“The new Energy Club will enable our smaller members to take advantage of previously unavailable prices by purchasing directly from the wholesale market. It also spreads risk, reducing their exposure to further fluctuations in process.”

Wayne Brown, partner account director of Inspired commented: “We’ll be working with BFFF members not just to help them reduce the price they pay but also to reduce the amount of energy they consume. Instead of adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the BFFF Energy Club employs multiple strategies to accommodate members’ varying attitudes to risk. We will determine which of these predefined strategies is best suited to each individual member.”