Bosch Packaging to Roll Out Kliklok MEC at Pack Expo

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Bosch Packaging Technology will launch the new Kliklok MEC at Pack Expo International 2018, which runs October 14-17 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The new Midrange Endload Cartoner (MEC) features a future-proof sanitary design, tool-less changeover and easy operator access. It packs up to 170 cartons per minute and is designed for the highest food safety standards and for maximum production levels. The equipment can handle a wide range of carton sizes, for products as small as ¾ inch thick single-serve pizza to a 4-inch-tall cake.

“The Kliklok MEC was designed to meet our customers’ needs for future-proof sanitary construction and ease of use and maintenance, with fast, tool-less changeovers and remarkable access,” said Janet Darnley, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology in Decatur, Illinois. “One additional feature we added as standard is open flap detection to avoid opened or partially opened cartons exiting the machine – a quality requirement in our customers’ minds.”

Kliklok MECThe new endload cartoner Kliklok MEC from Bosch Packaging Technology will debut at Pack Expo International 2018 in Chicago. The machine features a sanitary design and easy operator access. Changeover can be made tool-less for wide range of carton sizes.

The Kliklok MEC meets the stringent sanitary standards with its open-channel stainless steel frame and angled surfaces. Thus it provides no place for product or debris to accumulate. Moreover the machine is IP65 wash down rated, which is easier to clean. The electrical cabinets are mounted overhead for safety and assist unobstructed operator access. The design incorporates full-length doors to allow walk-in access for maintenance and changeovers that can be completed by one operator in ten to twelve minutes. The new Bosch HMI 4.0 touchscreen guides operators through the process step-by-step.

Wide Range of Carton Sizes

The Kliklok MEC features the patented rotary carton feeder, which erects cartons in the direction of product flow with a 30% greater carton-open time. This allows the use of carton board with a higher recycling content, delivering tangible savings in material costs to end users. The straight-pick motion reduces wear on suction cups and short, rigid bars minimize deflection. A wide variety of foods can be packaged at speeds up to 170 cartons per minute (9” pitch).

Kliklok endload cartoners are widely used in the industrial production of frozen foods, refrigerated/prepared foods, baked goods, snacks, and confectionery. They erect, load and close standard sleeve cartons, open-end five-crease sleeves, octagonal gusseted and open-corner cartons, gable-top and flip-top cartons, and other special shapes.

PackExpo International visitors can check out the Kliklok MEC at Booth S-3514 in the South Hall of McCormick Place. Meanwhile, a video featuring packaging runs of four different products on the Kliklok Midrange Endload Cartoner can be viewed prior to the show by visiting: