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Cabinplant Will Go to ‘Extremes’ at IPPE with MHW SF Extreme Solution

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Cabinplant A/S is all set for the January 24-26 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The Haarby, Denmark-headquartered global supplier of tailor-made food processing, weighing, and packaging systems and a CTB Inc. subsidiary, will showcase its fully automatic multihead weigher MHW SF Extreme solution for sticky ingredients in ready meals during the show.

The SF Extreme Multihead Weigher SF Extreme combines the company’s well-known screw-feeder combination weigher with an innovative scraper/weighing pan design and a revised processing solution for easy filling/packaging of the food into trays on the conveyor belt.
It fully automates the dosing and packaging of fixed-weight portioning of sticky ingredients such as diced vegetables, onion rings, rice, pasta, tunafish, etc. The solution has a remarkably high weighing accuracy, thus minimizing giveaway.

The changeover of the SF Extreme is down to 5-10 minutes, allowing for the production of small batches with frequent changes in recipes and portion sizes. Products like ready-to-eat meals can be packed in plastic trays, standing bags, etc.

The MHW SF Extreme brings a significant productivity boost to automated plants for fixed-weight products containing extremely sticky product mixes and can reduce labor force vulnerability significantly, according to Michael Falck Schmidt, Cabinplant sales director. He stated: “The solution meets the booming convenience food market and the retail industry’s demand for fixed-priced and portioned products without passing on the bill for the giveaway to the producers.”

The MHW with screw feeding functionality facilitates single or multiple weighing and focuses on problems with ingredients of uneven weight. Cabinplant’s multiple target system can be set to work with one, two or multiple weighing targets of products in the finished packages.

For example, the solution simultaneously can weigh 1.0 lbs and 3.0 lbs packages. This also helps reduce giveaway dramatically because products that do not fit 1.0 lbs packages are instead used for 3.0 lbs portions. Check out all the details at Cabinplant’s IPPE booth (#C12733).