Room Service Foods Deliver Frozen Gourmet Meals to Hotels

Room Service Foods (RSF) has debuted as a division of Fairfield, New Jersey-based Chow For Now Foods. Targeting traveling professionals in particular, it offers a variety of fresh-frozen, ready to heat gourmet entrees delivered to hotels across the USA on requested dates to await the arrival of guests checking into rooms.

shrimp dish RSFAll entrees are pre-seasoned, calorie- and portion-controlled. They are made of high-standard, natural ingredients that are minimally processed. Many of the menu selections feature organic meats containing no antibiotics, preservatives or hormones. Seafood dishes are accentuated with a proprietary blend of marinades.

Among meals offered are Tuscan Shrimp, Jerk Chicken, Mississippi Blackened Catfish, Smokehouse Filet Mignon (100% grass-fed), Curry Chicken, Tropical Tilapia and Old World Italian Meatballs. Also on the menu are side dishes including Rice Pilaf, Mashed Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Buttery Spinach, and Egg Omelets.

All RSF products are vacuum-sealed in heavy-duty food grade pouches ready for sous-vide cooking. They may be microwaved or steamed as well. Cooking instructions come with each order, along with tongs, a potholder, utensils and plates. Persons ordering over $200 worth of food receive a free electric hot pot in which to heat meals in less than five minutes.

Taylor Smith, an IT consultant, frequent traveler and RSF devotee, commented: "I don't know how I existed before Room Service Foods was made known to me. My long working hours compelled me to eat in hotel rooms, and take chances with local restaurants delivering food that I was not familiar with. RSF has made in-room dining simple, enjoyable and nutritious. Entrees arrive frozen and can remain frozen for weeks, or when thawed, can hold in my hotel refrigerator for three to four days.

About Chow For Now Foods

AnaIzaOtisAna Iza OtisAna Iza Otis, who struggled with weight control issues for many years, is the creator of Chow For Now Foods, is an accomplished singer, songwriter, artist and author. She is the daughter of renowned songwriter/producer Clyde Otis (who wrote and produced hits for such talents as Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley and Brook Benton) and top model/recording artist Lourdes “Lulu” Guerrero. Ms. Otis, who once weighed more than 400 pounds, initially developed the concept to help people achieve weight loss goals. She soon realized that there was a void in nutritionally sensible foods conveniently available in the market. Chow For Now Foods was thus launched to meet and satisfy the needs of health-minded consumers.

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