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Penne with Mushrooms & Spinach, Mole Enchiladas New from Amy’s

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Petaluma, California-headquartered Amy’s Kitchen, a major producer of organic and natural frozen food products, has rolled out two new entrées to retailers across the USA. The debut of Penne with Mushrooms & Spinach Bowl and Mole Enchiladas mark the beginning of more innovations to come in 2024.

Responding to input from consumers, Amy’s culinary team embarked on an extensive process to create tasty new recipes. All of the dishes are prepared in kitchens just like they would be made at home, only in much larger pots and pans, using the highest quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Every recipe was tasted hundreds of times before getting the green light to move forward with large scale production.

Details of the entrées follow:

Penne with Mushrooms & Spinach Bowl. This Italian-inspired offering is a fusion of organic penne and tender spinach and sliced mushrooms. The dish starts with a roux, then is combined with a premium three-cheese blend of aged White Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Parmesan, and then topped with even more Parmesan. Serving up 16 grams of protein, it is nutritious, comforting and filling.

Mole Enchiladas. This vegetarian twist to the classic Mexican dish features house-made tortillas filled with a mix of vegetables, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese, accentuated with Amy’s complex and flavorful Mole sauce cooked from scratch with chilies, spices and chocolate. Offering 22 grams of protein, the gluten-free dish fulfills mole cravings without the hassle of hours in the kitchen.

“These new products mark the beginning of an exciting year for our innovation pipeline,” said Fred Scarpulla, chief culinary officer at Amy’s Kitchen. “Our Penne with Mushrooms & Spinach Bowl and Mole Enchiladas showcase how we will push culinary boundaries in 2024 and beyond with delicious organic meal options that are cooked from scratch.”

The new products are now available nationwide at Walmart, Meijer and Wegmans stores at a suggested retail price of $6.69.