Country Range Promotes Trifecta of New ‘Plate-of-the-Art’ Potato Fries 

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With fried potato specialties  increasingly regarded as not just side dishes but a key component on menus right across foodservice settings in the United Kingdom, Country Range has bolstered its portfolio with the addition of a trio of “plate-of-the-art” chips made from Fontane tubers. Featured are 10mm Double Crunch Skin-On Fries, 14mm Double Crunch Fries and 19mm Triple Cooked Chunky Fries.

Golden in color and visually appealing, the products’ coating provides a light salting that enables the Double Crunch fries to have 40 minutes of holding time, while and Triple Cooked offerings have at least 20 minutes once taken out of the fryer or oven.

The 19mm Chunky Fries serve up with a thicker cut and an almost mash potato-like texture. Each of the three offering are gluten-free and pre-fried in sunflower oil instead of palm oil prior to freezing. Distribution is in 2.5 kg bags, which come in boxes of four via the 12 independent wholesalers who make up the Altham, Lancashire, England-headquartered Country Range Group.

“Fries are incredibly versatile and play a vital role on menus across the catering divide from care home kitchens to Michelin star.  With guests and consumers becoming so much more discerning, it’s vital chefs get their fry selection right – uninspiring, soggy chips just won’t do,” said Kate Bancroft, marketing manager. “Our new range showcases the best seasonal potatoes and the latest innovations to offer never-fail fries that are guaranteed to keep their crunch and a silky soft centre.”

Supplying the British and Irish foodservice sectors for 30 years, the Country Range Group is made up of 12 independent wholesalers: Birchall Foodservice, Blakemore Foodservice, Caterite Foodservice, Creed Foodservice, Dunns Food and Drinks, EFG Foodservice, Harvest Fine Foods, Henderson Foodservice, Savona Foodservice, Thomas Ridley Foodservice, Trevors Foodservice and Turner Price.

In addition to distributing leading brands from around the globe, the Group also provides over 800 products, all developed exclusively for professional caterers under the Country Range brand.