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Daalimpex Expanding to Handle More Fish, Lobster, Berries

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Daalimpex, a member of the Kloosterboer Group offering 650,000 cubic meters of space and refrigerated logistics services in Velsen and Harlingen, Holland, has announced that work will begin in January to upgrade its cold storage warehouse in Velsen. The facility is to be expanded by 150,000 cubic meters with capacity for 40,000 pallets.

As a result of sustainable fishing efforts in recent years, there are higher fishing quotas and more trading outlets, the company reported. As such, Daalimpex anticipates significant increases in loads for the shipping service to and from Norway, as well as from the Barents Sea. Furthermore, it expects a rise in the volumes received from Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Shetland Islands and Scotland.

In addition, next year the import duty on products from Canada to the European Union will be decreased from 21% to zero. This means that alongside the existing fish loads, more berries, lobster and salmon will be shipped to Velsen.

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With this highly likely future increase in extra load, the current quayside facilities are no longer sufficient. There are plans, therefore, for a new quay on the North Sea Canal to create additional berths for the expected rise in ship traffic. Due to the increase in the extensive container flows, space for a future container depot will be allowed for.

The upgraded Daalimpex facility will be partly equipped with mobile racking so that individual pallets may easily be fully traced. This forms part of its preparations for future business, where it is expected that more cargo will be marked with bar coding that enables cargo to be tracked from origin to final destination.

The warehouse expansion, which calls for the installation of 4,000 solar panels initially and up to 10,000 eventually, will be built sustainably to include LED lighting with intelligent management software, high-grade insulation, the use of high spec and sustainable building materials, and in-house developed software to ensure the cooling system is economical in energy consumption and extremely efficient.