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Enlightened + Delish Churn Out Seasonal Keto-friendly Ice Cream

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Enlightened Ice Cream is spotlighting traditional autumn and winter holiday flavors early this year in USA supermarket freezer cases with the launch of two new seasonal Keto Collection offerings in a licensing partnership with the Delish.com website platform.

According to an Enlightened press release:The products are positioned to transform nostalgic, festive flavors of the holidays into a duo of feel good keto ice creams with only one gram of net carbohydrates per serving and no added sugar.”

A low-carb twist on a fall classic, Pumpkin Cheesecake is a pint of velvety pumpkin ice cream with a rich cream cheese swirl. Peppermint Brownie features a swirl of green and red peppermint ice cream packed with fudgy brownie bites and chocolate chips.

Both items are gluten-free and made with cream. Instead of added sugar, Enlightened uses monk fruit and erythritol, zero-calorie natural sweeteners that won’t cause spikes in blood sugar.

“It’s been fun to dream up new flavors with the Delish team, which continues to create next-level low-carb holiday recipes,” said Michael Shoretz, Enlightened’s founder and chief executive officer. “Our partnership gives us the opportunity to combine insights from the most popular recipes on Delish.com with the flavors we see our fans request to create the most decadent, delicious low-carb desserts in the grocery store.”

“We created these new flavors based on what desserts our audience is most drawn to and can’t wait for them to get a taste of Delish in their own kitchen,” added Joanna Saltz, editorial director of Delish.

Priced at $5.99, Pumpkin Cheesecake and Peppermint Brownie are available now available for a limited time at Sprouts, HEB, Albertsons, Safeway, Woodman’s Markets and Sendik’s Food Market, as well as online.

Enlightened is the first and largest brand within Beyond Better Foods, a New York City-based company founded by Shoretz in 2012. Its range of low-calorie, low-sugar ice creams is widely distributed in at retail stores in the United States. The idea to provide consumers healthy alternatives to their favorite sweet, salty, spicy and savory treats has evolved to embrace a portfolio of “feel good” products that include Fruit Infusions and Dairy-Free offerings.