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Ever Innovative Yasso Introduces Frozen Greek Yogurt Mochi in USA

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Yasso is launching the first-ever frozen Greek yogurt mochi in the United States, furthering its position as a innovator in the frozen snacking sector. Priced at $5.49 per six-pack, the product is rolling out to select retailers nationwide and is available for purchase online.

The novelty is made with creamy frozen Greek yogurt wrapped in fluffy, sweet rice dough. Available in chocolate, mango, vanilla and strawberry flavors, the calorie count for each individual mochi is 80. The product contains no artificial ingredients and is gluten free.

“The launch of Yasso Mochi furthers our position as a leader in frozen snacking as we continue to innovate outstanding new products that marry superior taste and quality nutrition,” said Craig Shiesley, chief executive officer of the Boulder, Colorado-headquartered company. “This new platform allows consumers to reach for Yasso during new occasions and delivers on our brand promise of permissible indulgence, now in a new snackable format.”

Since hitting store shelves in 2011, Yasso has become one of the fastest-growing dessert brands in the nation, disrupting the ranks of deeply entrenched competitors and attracting a loyal following of consumers. The company currently offers 11 flavors of novelty stick bars, four flavors of dipped chocolate bars, three frozen Greek yogurt sandwiches, three flavors of bite-size Poppables and now four Mochi offerings.