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FRoSTA Rolls Out 13 Innovative Fish Products

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Bremerhaven, Germany-headquartered FRoSTA has announced its most massive product introduction in more than a decade: 13 new fish products at one time, all with no chemical additives. There are five Gourmand Filets, three Fine Filets, three Fish Pans and two varieties of Wild Salmon in a Dough Jacket.

The Gourmand Filets are wrapped in paper, which not only makes them suitable for microwave oven preparation, but is also more environmentally friendly than an aluminum jacket. In the microwave they’re ready in a time- and energy-saving 10 minutes instead of the 40 minutes traditional ovens would require. The five varieties are Bordelaise Crisp, Broccoli Almond, Tomato Toscana, Pesto Italia and Champignon Crème Fraîche.

The loins of the Fine Filets, hand cut from Alaska salmon, come with three different sauces; Crème Spinaci, Red Curry and Herb Crème Fraîche. They go well with rice or noodles, or on a freshly baked baguette. Loins are also used along with crispy vegetables in the three Fish Pans, with sauces typical of Asia, Italy and the German island of Helgoland. The Fine Filets and Fish Pans are expected to be popular with people who rarely do any cooking and like to buy their fish fresh. The two flavors of the Salmon in a Dough Jacket are Cream-Leaf Spinach and Honey-Mustard.

The new items, like all FRoSTA products since 2003, adhere to the company’s Purity Code,  and contain no taste or odor enhancers, no artificial colors or any other additives.  They come from sources that are certified as sustainable and bear a code that buyers can feed into a website ( There they will learn the area, fishing method and even the name of the ship that these particular fish came from. They can even check everything at the store, by smart phone, before making the purchase.

This sort of ingredient tracking, which applies to all of the 147 ingredients that go into FRoSTA products, is very timely in the wake of recent German food scandals. “It’s a logical further development of the Purity Code,” said Hinnerk Ehlers, marketing chairman.

This massive product introduction was accompanied by an extensive point of sale, online and print promotion, and a major TV campaign is planned for 2014.

“We seek to set new standards with our innovative quality and taste concepts, and to lure new customers to the frozen food case,” said Chairman Ehlers.  The Gourmand Filets are suggested for retail at 2.79 euros; the Fish Pans and Fine Filets at 2.99, and the Wild Salmon at 3.69.