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Frozen Food Trucks in Taiwan Not Cold Enough, Says CPC

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The Consumer Protection Committee (CPC) of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan announced on August 29 that 73% of frozen food trucks recently tested randomly failed to meet prescribed temperature standards, according to a report in the China Post.

The CPC checked 80 vehicles owned by 35 companies, of which 48 were frozen food lorries. The findings revealed that 35 out of the 48 frozen transport vehicles did not maintain required low-temperature levels of -18°C during distribution runs.

A number of well-known refrigerated transport companies were citied by CPC, and some were additionally faulted for not keeping proper records, which is a violation of food safety and sanitation law. The list included President Transnet Corp., Kerry TJ Logistics, Taiwan Pelican Express Co. and HCT Logistics.

Those accused of breaching regulations were informed that they must meet standards fully by no later than September 10, or be subject to fines ranging from NT $60,000 to $50 million. Depending on the severity of offenses, violators could even see their businesses shut down temporarily.

Meanwhile, parties with proof of temperature-abused foodstuffs delivered by the cited carriers may be able to collect compensation for damaged goods.