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Funky Fish Goes Frozen, While Still Chilling Out at Asda

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Selections from The Funky Fish Kitchen range, available in chilled food cabinets at Asda retail stores throughout the UK for the past two years, are now being merchandised in frozen cases as well. Produced by Grimsby, England-based Young’s Seafood, the line was initially launched as part of a campaign to get British consumers to eat fish more often by making preparation at home more convenient.

Thus far the new frozen range has seven selections, including two 2 Cod Fillets. One, weighing in at 330 grams, is paired with sweet potato and Moroccan harissa sauce. The second, tipping the scales at 286 grams, is accented with wild garlic, chili and parsley.

Also on the menu is a 270-gram twin-pack of Basa Fillets with red Thai curry sauce and lime leaf. Each fillets offering is selling for £3 at the moment.

fingers-funkyShoppers at Asda’s frozen food departments will also find two Funky Fish Fingers eight-packs priced at £1.50 per 250 grams (one is accented in smoky, Cajun-style breadcrumb, while the second is in a soy honey and ginger panko crumb); and two Fishcakes twin-packs (the first featuring minced salmon and pollock with ginger, chili and honey in a light tempura batter, and the second with the same fish blend in a light tempura batter).

youngs-logoYoung’s initial rollout of 11 chilled fish products, exclusively for Asda, included lunch pots, melt-in-the-middle fishcakes, ready-to-eat salmon, and ready-to-cook dinner dishes such as Smoked Haddock Fillets with Pea & Coriander Melt, and Salmon Fillets with Spring Onions, Chili & Wasabi Butter in microwavable packaging.

fishcakes“The Funky Fish Kitchen brings a new sense of fun to fish and seafood. We want these innovative fish-with-a-twist products to be meal occasion inspirations; we know that more lunch occasions could include seafood,” said Marina Richardson, marketing controller at Young’s Seafood, when rolling out the Funky Fish Kitchen range in September of 2013.

As the line has “been successful in attracting new consumers to try different fish,” she added recently, now “is the natural time” to expand its availability via Asda’s frozen food cabinets.

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