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GCCA Enlists InHouse Physicians to Help Vaccinate Food Chain Workers

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The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) is partnering with InHouse Physicians (IHP) to assist essential workers in the food and agriculture industry in getting Covid-19 vaccinations. Through the program, GCCA members can work with IHP to submit applications to conduct worksite vaccinations for essential workers in the food and agriculture industry. This process will help members in navigating the varying state approaches to vaccinations and enable their essential employees to get vaccinated at a designated worksite.

“Our members and others in the industry have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure that Americans have access to healthy, safe, and affordable food,” said Matthew Ott, president and chief executive officer of the Alexandria, Virginia-headquartered GCCA. “This partnership is our way of helping those who are helping the country when we need it most. By teaming up with InHouse Physicians, we will be able to help streamline the vaccination process and get these critical front-line workers the vaccine so they can continue to do the heroic work of feeding the world.”

“Since the beginning of the pandemic InHouse Physicians has been supporting clients with solutions designed to deliver on-site health security to their employees,” said Dr. Jonathan Spero, president, founder, and chief executive officer of Naperville, Illinois-based InHouse Physicians. “Clients from critical infrastructure, film production, aviation, and education have leveraged our solutions ranging from temporary worksite health clinics to on-site Covid testing, and now on-site Covid vaccination clinics to support employee safety, and enable business continuity. We’re excited about our partnership with GCCA, and the opportunity to assist its members and employees in the critical role they play in feeding the world.”