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New Lineage Automated Warehouse Rising in Northeastern Pennsylvania

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Lineage has announced the expansion of its network of automated cold storage warehouses in the United States with a new facility in Hazleton, Pennsylvania currently under construction. More than a dozen jobs are initially being created to manage and technically maintain the site, with employment opportunities for over 100 people anticipated when the coldstore is at full capacity.

With approximately 60 million people – or about 18 percent of the United States population – residing within a roughly 250-mile radius of Hazleton, the warehouse is strategically positioned to deliver added value for customers.

“This latest addition to our automated network furthers our purpose of delivering food safely and reliably to millions of families around the globe,” said Matt Cramer, the company’s president in charge of North America East business.

Lineage expects to complete construction of the 386,000-square-foot facility, which will include approximately 85,000 pallet positions for storing temperature-controlled products, in the fall of this year. The warehouse will feature advanced systems and equipment, including cranes and rail guided vehicles, inbound lanes with proprietary computer vision technology that automates product receiving, and automated layer picking.

The Novi, Michigan, USA-headquartered company, which ranks as the world’s largest temperature-controlled warehouse operator, has over 480 facilities with more than 3.0 billion cubic feet of capacity across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Its automated cold storage portfolio includes over 80 fully- and semi-automated buildings backed by proprietary software and an in-house automation team.