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Hackney Gelato Relaunches Hot Cross Bun Gelato Via

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Hackney Gelato is again utilizing online supermarket platform to launch Hot Cross Bun Gelato in the British retail market a second time. Distributed in 500ml tubs and priced at £5.49, the product will be available toward the end of February.

The frozen sweet treat was first introduced in March of 2020. Consumers snapped it up, as the limited edition run of 1,000 tubs quickly sold out and won a Great Taste Star. But life in the UK and the world soon turned chaotic as the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic wreaked a health crisis that forced lockdowns and business disruptions.

Now, a year on, London-headquartered Hackney Gelato and Ocado are bringing back the Hot Cross Bun Gelato for a second time.

First sold at Brick Lane’s Sunday market, word spread, and Hackney Gelato founders Enrico Pavoncelli and Sam Newman were soon supplying their slow-churned gelato and sorbetto to many of London’s best restaurants.

Six years on, Hackney Gelato has 22 Great Taste stars to its name and is served on the menus of Michelin-rated restaurants. It now also supplies shops and living rooms across the UK with a retail range available on Ocado as well as at Waitrose, Whole Foods Market and Farmdrop.

The limited edition Hot Cross Bun Gelato offering is made by infusing fresh milk with toasted hot cross buns. Sultanas, candied fruit and a good dollop of salted butter are added to creamy, slow-churned gelato to create an indulgent fusion of Italian technique and British flavor.

Slow churning is one of the things that distinguishes gelato from ice cream. It means less air is incorporated into the mix, resulting in a smooth, dense, rich texture, without the iciness typically present in ice cream. And because it’s made with more milk and less cream, gelato contains less fat than most ice creams. This allows the full flavor of the ingredients to come through.

“If you want a proper Easter treat, scoop our Hot Cross Bun Gelato liberally on a freshly toasted hot cross bun. You will not be disappointed,” said Pavoncelli.

Founder Pavoncilli and Newman, both of whom grew up in Italy and are trained chefs, acquired their gelato making skills from the Master Gelatieri of Sicily.