Hamburger Stand Launches Tater Scoops in Three Cheesy Combinations

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Tater Scoops are new to the menu at Hamburger Stand chain restaurants in California, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. Available for a limited time, the loaded scoop-shaped skin-on spuds are served up three ways: Chili Cheese; Double Cheese topped with cheddar cheese sauce and shredded cheddar; and Cheesy Bacon with cheddar cheese sauce, chopped bacon and grilled onions.

“We took the simple fry, scooped and fried it until golden crispy, then piled on tasty, flavorful ingredients,” said Doug Koegeboehn, chief marketing officer for the Irvine, California-headquartered Hamburger Stand chain. “Our new Tater Scoops are absolutely delicious and the best thing to happen to potatoes since fries.”

Founded in 1982 in Garden Grove, California, Hamburger Stand is part of the Galardi Group, which is also the parent company of the Weinerschnitzel hot dog chain (which also is offering Tater Scoops) and Tastee-Freez franchise.