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Hey, Hey! Wheyhey Ice Cream Makes Debut at Tesco in UK

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High-protein, sugar-free Wheyhey ice cream will be available at this month for purchase by customers living in London prior to being stocked in selected Tesco stores in the United Kingdom shortly thereafter. The British multinational grocery chain’s listing of the product line marks a significant breakthrough for the brand, which was established in 2013 and has built a foundation in the health and wellness sector.

“We’re really excited to take it into the UK grocery retail sector. Tesco are forward thinking partners who are at the forefront of offering consumers great tasting, truly healthy and nutritious food, the demand for which is experiencing explosive growth,” said Damien Kennedy, co-founder of Wheyhey.

Tesco LaunchWheyhey co-founders Greg Duggan and Damien Kennedy are all smiles as the Tesco grocery retail chain in the UK has listed their ice cream brand.His partner, Greg Duggan, added: “Our products offer something completely different from the current offering in supermarket freezers. Our goal is to change what it means for consumers to eat truly great tasting healthy food, and this listing is the beginning.”

Adom Dennis, buying manager for frozen foods at Tesco, commented: “It’s a really innovative product which we believe offers customers something new and exciting.”

Distributed in chocolate, banoffee, strawberry and vanilla flavors, Wheyhey is positioned as a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. Made from whey protein isolate, which is created in the cheese making process, the range is 100% natural and easily digested.

It is sweetened with Xylitol, which does not impact on blood sugar levels and is recommended by dentists. A 150ml tub of ice cream has only four grams of fat and provides as much protein as a medium-sized chicken breast, with the 150 calories per pot being derived mainly from protein rather than empty sugars and fats.

Headquartered in the southwest London suburb of Richmond, Wheyhey Ice Cream is promoted by celebrity brand ambassadors who include model David Gandy, fashion designer Chloe Green and musician James McVey.

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