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Holland’s Bakes New Micro Pie for Maxi Effect in Market

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Baxenden, Lancashire, England-based Holland’s Pie announced the launch of a Micro Pie brand line extension at frozen food aisles in over 400 Tesco stores across the United Kingdom on March 13. The new products can be conveniently microwaved in the box straight from the freezer. Susceptor packaging technology facilitates crisping of the pastry during the heating process, creating an oven-baked look and taste in just four minutes’ time.

Presented as a single-serve treat that’s “perfect for a quick snack at home or at work, or enjoyed when paired with mash or mushy peas,” the recommended retail price is £1.50. Two flavors are currently available: Chicken, Leek & Bacon, and Steak & Ale.


The Chicken, Leek & Bacon Micro Pie option is made of British and Irish poultry, sliced leeks and smoked bacon, seasoned with pepper, parsley and thyme in a creamy sauce, baked in short crust pastry. The Steak & Ale Micro Pie offering features slow-cooked tender prime steak in light ale gravy, baked in short crust pastry. 

Leanne Holcroft, brand manager, commented: “We’re really excited about the national launch of our new Micro Pie. As convenient as they are delicious, these tasty snacks bring our products to life in a completely new way. We’ve invested a lot of time in perfecting a pie that offers an even crispier and shorter pastry, an oven-baked taste and Holland’s signature flavor, and we’re delighted with the finished product.”

Holland’s is regarded as one of the UK’s most revered pie makers. In business for more than 160 years, with frozen product operations starting up in 1981, to this day its recipes exclusively specify prime cuts of British and Irish meat, mature cheddar cheese sourced from Dewlay in Garstang, and carefully selected vegetables to make a wide bill of fare ranging from Steak & Kidney Pies and Lancashire Hotpots to Chicken Balti Pie and Sausage Rolls.