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Iceland ‘Doubles Down’ on Vegan Range with Livekindly Brands

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The launch of Livekindly Collective brands at Iceland frozen food specialty stores has doubled the chain’s offering of plant-based protein products at almost 1,000 locations across the United Kingdom. Fry’s, Oumph! and LikeMeat join No Meat offerings that are now available at Iceland’s Food Warehouse outlets as well as conventional retail establishments.

The portfolio expansion follows Livekindly’s acquisition earlier this year of No Meat, Iceland’s vegan meat alternative brand. Iceland is regarded as a market leader in meeting rapidly increasing consumer demand for vegan products in Britain, having developed the meat-free brand to combine appetizing flavor with outstanding value. 

“Partnerships are crucial across the whole value chain to help deliver our mission to make plant-based eating the new norm,” said Domenico Speciale, general manager of Livekindly Collective UK. “Making our products widely available helps us to deliver on that mission, and I am delighted to be working with such a values aligned partner to bring the best plant-based products to Iceland shoppers as they look to make healthier choices and move to a more flexitarian diet.”

Andrew Staniland, trading director at Iceland Foods, added: “We’ve seen substantial growth in meat-free sales and are committed to offering our customers a broad choice of meat-free meal solutions for every meal occasion. Our partnership with Livekindly Collective allows us to bring together family favorites from the Fry’s range such as the Big Fry Burger, through to Breaded Chicken from the Like Meat brand and the more adventurous flavors of Oumph! including Smoky Bits and Kebab Spiced.

“Doubling our meat-free offering with the launch of Livekindly brands into Iceland main estate and Food Warehouse is further evidence of bringing healthier food choices to our customer to meet the demand for plant-based meat alternatives.”

Livekindly was founded by Blue Horizon Group on the belief that plant-based alternatives provide roots to “make the global food system sustainable as plant-based living becomes the new norm.” 

The Collective, which has 470 employees and sells products in more than 40 countries around the world, recently raised $335 million in investment capital to fund global growth projects.