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Frostkrone Vegan Variety on the Barbie, Just in Time for BBQ Season

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Spring is in the air across the Northern Hemisphere, and so is the enticing aroma of outdoor barbecue grilling. From burger patties to snacks, the Reitberg, Germany-headquartered Frostkrone Food Group is promoting a raft of healthy-eating products to throw on the barbie. 

 “Barbecuing is a relaxed, totally laid back experience that promotes a feeling of togetherness. Our selection of vegetarian and vegan foods enable us to offer, in this setting too, a chance for consumers to enjoy more culinary delight and variety,” said Frédéric Dervieux,Frostkrone’s chief executive officer of the finger foods, snacks, appetizer and burger specialty company.

The BBQ selection, distributed in frozen form, is ready to eat after just a few minutes on the grill. The products can also be prepared in an oven, a deep fryer or in the pan.

Here’s are brief descriptions of the meat-free burger and snack menu:

Vegan Beef Burger (pictured above) isfrom the plant-based range known as “Really?!” Whether served with a crispy salad or in a brioche burger bun, it is promoted as having the “perfect consistency and boasting a full-bodied, flavorsome taste.”

• Vegetable Burger brings together a blend of corn, bell peppers, peas and purée of sweet potato enveloped in a coating of potato flakes.

• Barbecued Gouda Patties feature a duo of Gouda and Cheddar cheese wrapped in a coating of potato flakes.

• Sweetcorn Burger goes well either with salad or as a classic patty served in a sesame burger bun.

And here’s a synopsis of three of the meatless snacks:

Sweetcorn & Chill  seasoned the Mexican way and enveloped in crunchy batter.

• Mozzarella Bricks: outside crispy and crunchy, inside soft, velvety Mozzarella – these Mozzarella Bricks taste particularly good as soon as they come off the barbecue.

• Halloumi-Style Fries: the sticks are made of aromatic halloumi cheese in a crispy golden batter, tempura-style.