Lamb Weston Fries Up Lamb’s Seasoned Seashore-Style Flats

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Lamb Weston has introduced Lamb’s Seasoned Seashore-style Flats fried potatoes to the foodservice market. Distributed frozen in units of six five-pound bags per box, the skin-on, home-style fries are flavored with black pepper, garlic and sea salt.

“According to Datassential’s research, 54 percent of customers crave more exciting fry options. We took that knowledge to our kitchen and created a unique fry shape and flavored it with distinct seasonings to deliver bold flavor and big results for our operators,” said Kim Cupelli, vice president of marketing for the Eagle, Idaho, USA-headquartered company.

The premium extra long fancy grade Seashore-style Flats fries’ cut size is 3/16” x 1”, and the calorie count per three ounce (84g) serving of about 12 pieces is 150. The per serving saturated fat level is nine grams, while total carbohydrate count is 17, sodium content is 310mg and total sugar is less than one gram.

In business since 1950, Lamb Weston is a leading supplier of frozen potato, sweet potato, appetizer and vegetable products to restaurants and retailers in more than 100 countries around the world. It employs more than 7,000 people and has 27 manufacturing facilities around the globe. In addition to plants in the United States, it operates production facilities in the Netherlands, Argentina, United Kingdom, Austria, Russia, China and Australia.