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Magnum Ice Cream’s New Duet Bars Inspire Chocolate-scented Nail Polish

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Magnum ice cream is collaborating with Nails.INC, an independent beauty brand, to launch a line of six chocolate-scented nail polishes inspired by the Unilever company’s new Magnum Duet Bars.

Magnum ice cream Duet Bars, marketed as the first such product to be dipped in two different types of chocolate, are available in three flavors: Almond, Chocolate and Cookie. Influenced by the Duet Bars’ chocolate layering, Magnum ice cream x Nails.INC has unveiled three sets of polish duos in a variety of creamy shades that encourage fans to explore their own layers and indulge in who they are through nail art. They are:

Almond Duet. It recreates the sweet and crunchy coating of the Almond Duet Bar with Glazed Almond, a buttery shade of light brown and Double Chocolate, a rich dark brown.

Chocolate Duet. The Chocolate Duet Bar is brought to life with Raspberry Swirl, a vibrant hot pink paired with White Chocolate, a silky light pink.

Cookie Duet. Inspired by the Cookie Duet Bar, this pairing comes with Crunchy Cookie, a quintessential beige and Classic Chocolate, positioned as the perfect “chocolate-y brown.”

To celebrate the launch, Magnum has partnered with celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri (pictured above) to create three trendy nail art designs using the Duet polishes and bring to life Magnum ice cream’s new Duet Bars in a unique way.

“As a nail artist, I’m always looking for over-the-top ways to express myself,” said Kawajiri. “I love to incorporate sensory experience into my designs, so I was thrilled when Magnum ice cream teamed up with Nails.INC to create richly pigmented and chocolate-scented, polishes – allowing me to showcase my favorite ice cream treats through three creative, unexpected designs.”

Folks keen on recreating Mei’s looks at home can purchase Magnum ice cream x Nails.INC nail polishes online at nailsinc.com for $7.99 each, while ice cream fans can buy Magnum Duet Bars for $4.49-$4.99 in the freezer aisles of supermarkets and grocery stores across the USA.

“As the chocolatiers of ice cream, we’re always looking to push the boundaries and release innovative products our customers crave,” said Russel Lilly, general manager of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey-based Unilever Ice Cream in North America. “Now, we’re excited to give chocolate lovers another way to express themselves, inspired by our iconic Belgian chocolate and designed with everyone in mind.”

This June and July, New York City, Miami and Los Angeles-area fans are invited to Magnum ice cream’s Indulgence Studio to create their own #MagnumMoments at Magnum ice cream pop-ups taking place at Freehand hotel properties in Manhattan and Los Angeles, and the Generator hotel in Miami.

Launched in 1989, Magnum ice cream was the first handheld ice cream bar targeted as a premium adult offering. Today it ranks as one of the planet’s leading ice cream brands, selling more than one billion units annually worldwide.