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MyMochi Introduces ‘No Syrup Required’ Mini Mochi Wafflebites

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The Mochi Ice Cream Co. has found a way to stretch the possibilities of mochi to reimagine waffles. MyMochi Waffle Bites are promoted as the first frozen waffles made with the sweet rice flour used in traditional mochi. The ready-to-eat snacks are simply be thawed or briefly heated in a microwave oven prior to eating. And they don’t need any syrup – making it possible to enjoy waffles while on the go at any time.

“MyMochi has been at the forefront of merging Japanese heritage with snacking culture,” said Brigette Wolf, the Los Angeles, California-headquartered company’s chief marketing officer.”Our fans are always looking for more ways to snack on mochi and using it to put a fun twist on everyday food like waffles enables us to introduce even more people to the mochi experience.”

Priced at between $5.99 and $6.99 per retail five-pack, the new product comes in three flavors: Original, Blueberry and Cinnamon. The lightly sweetened gluten-free snacks are portioned into individual bites and contain no artificial ingredients. They are currently rolling out in select Harris Teeter, Meijer, Shop Rite and Smart & Final grocery stores across the northeastern United States.

MyMochi is owned by Lakeview Capital. The Michigan-based company acquired the brand from Century Park Capital Partners in 2020. The business was founded in the 1990’s by a Japanese baker and American entrepreneur who set up a small shop in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles. Over the years it has evolved and grown to become the world’s largest producer of mochi ice cream. More than 20 flavors are offered, including Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Mango and S’Mores.