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New Forest Extends Vegan Range with Chocolate Ice Cream

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Lymington, Hampshire, England-based New Forest Ice Cream has extended its vegan range with a dairy-free Chocolate ice cream offering. Made from real cocoa, the product has a rich depth of flavor and a velvety smooth texture. Whether served alongside a dessert or as a lighter treat in its own right, the sweet treat delivers all the indulgence of the real deal, in a vegan format.

This new product goes alongside the company’s already established dairy-free versions of Salted Caramel and Vanilla Pod to give foodservice operators and chefs even more choice to meet the increasing demand for vegan alternatives on menus.

With the plethora of vegan food popping up at every turn on the UK high street, and more consumers participating in the “Veganuary” challenge, food producers are wise to have quality alternatives available for diners who are opting for vegan food, either through lifestyle choices or due to lactose intolerance.

“The increased demand for vegan options has opened up a whole new world of delicious, vegan-friendly dishes appearing on menus at restaurants, pubs and fast-food chains alike, which means that sourcing quality vegan ingredients can really benefit menu planning,” said New Forest Ice Cream Director Christina Veal.

The ice cream maker holds an AA awarded BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. All flavors in its vegan range are available in 2.4-liter catering tubs. Produced in a nut-free production facility, each batch is tested to guarantee the Chocolate ice cream is free from dairy, gluten and egg ingredients.

The New Forest Ice Cream portfolio boasts over 50 flavors, including real dairy and continental ranges. Alongside this, a large assortment of sorbets, wrapped ice cream and ice lollies and a range of individual and pre-cut puddings are also available.