Vegetables ‘100% Grown on American Soil’ Proclaims Pictsweet Packaging

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Pictsweet Farms has introduced a claim that no other national brand of frozen vegetables in the USA can make: all of its vegetables are “100% Grown on American Soil.” Consumers can now see evidence of this commitment on the front of all its packaging merchandised the retail store freezer aisles.

The Bells, Tennessee-headquartered company, which has always sourced the large majority of its raw material domestically, issued the formal commitment in response to feedback from customers.

“Consumers tell us they want to know where their vegetables come from and, more importantly, 87% of them prefer that their vegetables are grown in the United States. Determining where your vegetables come from can be confusing with packaging that isn’t clearly marked packs that make it hard to determine the country of origin,” said Wesley Eubanks, the company’s chief executive officer. “With our 100% Grown on American Soil commitment, we’ve eliminated the guesswork so consumers can be confident that the Pictsweet Farms frozen vegetables they buy were grown, packaged and distributed right here in the USA, under some of the highest food safety standards in the world.”

Pictsweet Farms partners with family farmers in 32 states across the nation, growing vegetables under the rigorous quality guidelines and specifications outlined by its agriculture department.

“We’re a fourth-generation company, so we relate to our network of family farmers, some of whom we’ve been working with for over 40 years,” said Eubanks. “American farmers are highly skilled and grow vegetables on some of the most diverse farmland in the world, producing food that is safe and nutritious.”

Shoppers will now find the “100% Grown on American Soil” seal on the front of every Pictsweet Farms frozen vegetable package in their local grocery store or supermarket, including the brand’s Signature Vegetables, Vegetables for Grilling, Vegetables for Roasting, Steam’ables and Southern Classics.

“From asparagus to zucchini, when consumers buy our frozen products, they can be confident they know where their vegetables come from,” assured Eubanks. “We believe the time is right for this bold commitment, as our consumers and our country are relying on American farmers more than ever to keep our freezers and shelves stocked with safe, quality, wholesome food.”