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New Saudi FMCG Company Siwar Foods Debuts Ready Meals, Desserts

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based Siwar Foods has launched a new range of frozen meals and desserts. The convenience product line, which introduces rice and pasta dishes, is available to buy at retail stores, online and from “Chef in a Box” vending machines and online at SR20.  The machines have been installed in prime locations across Riyadh, including universities, hospitals and workplace environments.

Pre-launch research conducted by Siwar found that 80% of consumers in Saudi Arabia are open to purchasing frozen food, with taste, variety, quality and affordability being the most important drivers of choice. Products in the range of meals and desserts on offer are ready to eat in minutes after heating in microwave or conventional ovens.

“The new line reflects the taste preference and identity of consumers in Saudi Arabia. At a time when supermarket prices are on the rise, we have worked hard to develop great tasting meals using state of the art technology to lock in taste and flavor at source, with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives, at a great price,” said Loaye Al Nahedh, chief executive officer and founder of Siwar.

Yusuf Jehangir, chief commercial officer, added: “People are living increasingly busy lives and they are constantly trying to fit more into their daily schedules. Our full range of meals lets customers enjoy their favorite dishes, without having to spend time on preparation or compromising on taste or quality, at an affordable price.”