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Nuii Coconut & Indian Mango Latest Ice Cream Stick Treat from Froneri

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Froneri has announced the addition of Nuii Coconut & Indian Mango to its luxury sticks assortment. Currently available at Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores in Britain at £3.89 per pack of three, it and will be rolled out nationwide this summer.

Commenting on the launch, Brunhilde van Antwerp, Froneri’s head of marketing in the United Kingdom, said: “Nuii takes premium indulgence to the next level. The quality of the ingredients we have sourced, and the artisanal finish conveys the care and attention that goes in to every one of the Nuii sticks.”

The Coconut & Indian Mango offering features velvety smooth mango mixed with passion fruit to create a fruity sorbet that is folded into a creamy coconut ice cream. It is covered in white chocolate and coconut flakes to deliver multi-layered appeal and an exotic touch.

The product joins existing flavors Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia, Dark Chocolate & Nordic Berry and Cookies & Idaho Valley Mint, with the brand priding itself on “creating high-quality experiences with flavors that are more adventurous and creative.”

Alongside the Coconut & Indian Mango flavor, Froneri will also be launching a new mini assorted multipack of six Nuii ice creams featuring the popular Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia, Dark Chocolate & Nordic Berry, and White Chocolate & Java Vanilla.

The Nuii Ice cream brand was the third biggest product launch in the United Kingdom food market last year, according to Kantar, the London-headquartered market research company.