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Purple Yam Shortage Limits Output of Magnolia Ube Tropical Ice Cream

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High demand in the Asian-American market coupled with logistics and supply issues in the Philippines caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) health crisis has resulted in a shortage of sweet purple yams used to make Magnolia brand Ube ice cream produced and distributed by Ramar Foods.

“Ube is a winter crop and it was not abundant during the summer season,” explained Jojo Bronoza, a representative from Pittsburg, California-based Ramar Foods. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic happening early in the year and the lockdown in Manila, our forecast for the summer needs could not be met. People’s fear of contracting coronavirus put a damper on production due to limited labor availability.”

As the company adjusts to challenges in supply of the highly nutritious root vegetable, it will continue to evenly distribute limited quantities of Ube Sweet Purple Yam Premium Tropical Ice Cream to Asian grocery stores in North America to make sure the needs of customers can be met.

Founded in 1969, Ramar Foods is the only Filipino food manufacturer in North America that features all-natural ube sourced from the Philippines in its tropical ice cream line. In addition to serving clients in the USA and Canada, the Quesada family-owned and operated company exports ice cream and ethnic dishes including lumpia, dim sum, barbecue skewers and breakfast meats to Europe, the Middle East and Australia.