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Rail Siding Upgrades at Cloverleaf PRW in North Carolina

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Cloverleaf Cold Storage has made upgrades to the rail siding serving its public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) in Benson, North Carolina. Timing of the completion dovetails nicely with the increased demand throughout the frozen food industry for additional capacity to handle diverted export traffic caused by the ongoing work slowdowns stemming from labor disputes at US West Coast ports.

The Benson facility features 8 million cubic feet of space equipped with 28,840 pallet positions. It offers blast and room freezing services, as well as USDA inspection.

Cloverleaf regularly handles over a quarter of a billion pounds of refrigerated rail freight per year at 15 facilities throughout the central and eastern United States. Its four southeastern warehouses are all rail-connected and are strategically placed to provide access to major deepwater ports on the East Coast, including Norfolk, Charleston, Wilmington and Savannah.

Sioux City, Iowa-headquartered Cloverleaf Cold Storage is a family-owned and -operated company with 16 PRWs and four ambient food grade warehouses. Established in 1952, its network provides customers with over 64 million cubic feet of refrigerated space.

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