Rite Stuff Foods Takes the Right Stuff to Private Label Buyers

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Rite Stuff Foods Inc. showcased its potato specialties and a wide portfolio of other snacks, appetizers and finger food items from sister companies at the November 17-19 PLMA Private Label Trade Show in Chicago, Illinois.

The Jerome, Idaho, USA-based company, established in 1989 by Thomas J. Madden, is well known in North America for spud-based snacks and side dishes that include twice baked potatoes, fried and filled potato skins, small breaded wedges, potato boats and potato rollers.

The offering became more extensive early this year when Rite Stuff Foods was acquired by the Reitberg, Germany-headquartered Frostkrone Food Group, whose four units in Europe manufacture a diverse assortment of hand-held frozen convenience products that run the gamut from dainty specialties made of Tunisian-style brick dough, to Piz’Wich pizza treats, maxxarella sticks, chili cheese nuggets, crack ’n cheese cubes, apple love balls and much more.

“When developing new products, we set ourselves no limits whatsoever – whether it’s regarding the raw materials and ingredients or the ideas themselves. In this way we remain open to everything and are totally creative,” said Frostkrone Group CEO Frédéric Dervieux.

Here are just four examples of many tasty street food variations that private label buyers sampled at the Rite Stuff Foods booth in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center:

Lava Bites, a big winner at Anuga’s Tate Innovation Show competition in October, are described as “black as volcanic rock on the outside with a glimmer of glowing lava, but on the inside the fiery mix blazes with creamy cheddar cheese and red jalapeño chili peppers sets everyone alight.”

Wafer-thin Petites Corolles are exquisite little baked appetizers created out of brick dough. In the Vegetables & Mozzarella version, creamy mozzarella chimes together with feta cheese and Mediterranean vegetables.

Twice Baked Triple Cheese features twice baked Idaho potatoes, halved and scooped out before being filled with three kinds of cheese.

Microwaveable Pizza Pocket Breakfast may be savored in a number of different vegetarian variations. The classic version bursts with a hearty helping of scrambled egg, spiced cheddar cheese and gently sautéed potatoes. Other combinations include Veggie Bacon & Egg, Veggie Sausage, Egg & Cheddar, and Egg, Gouda & Potatoes.

“Rite Stuff Foods was pleased to have made a grand entrance at the PLMA in Chicago as part of a strong and innovational business group that offers customers impressive products and attractive services,” said John MacArthur, managing director of Frostkrone Food Group USA.