Taco Bell to Introduce Plant-based Beyond Carne Asada Steak Quesadilla

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The Taco Bell quick service restaurant chain and Beyond Meat have collaborated to launch Beyond Carne Asada Steak, a plant-based protein product that will be available for a limited time at Taco Bell outlets in the Dayton, Ohio area starting October 13.

“We’ve long believed that anyone should be able to choose plant-based menu items without compromising the flavors they crave,” said Liz Matthews, Taco Bell’s global chief food Innovation officer. “This product is just the latest move in our history of crafting some of the most unique, crave-worthy offerings for customers.”

Made without GMOs or added hormones, Beyond Carne Asada Steak is certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). The product will be featured in a quesadilla and priced the same as a traditional steak quesadilla. It can also be ordered in any menu item, and there is no additional cost to swap Beyond Carne Asada Steak for real steak.

“Designed to specifically complement the bold, savory flavors that Taco Bell is known for, Beyond Carne Asada Steak delivers the flavorful, delicious taste and texture of marinated, grilled steak with the added benefits of plant-based meat,” said Dariush Ajami, chief innovation officer of El Segundo, California-headquartered Beyond Meat.

Irvine, California-headquartered Taco Bell was the first quick service restaurant to be certified by the AVA. In 2021, its vegetarian options represented over 12% of sales. In August of 2022, the brand tested a proprietary plant-based protein featured in the Crispy Melt Taco.