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Tombstone Toasts its Born-in-a-Bar Roots with Tavern-Style Pizza Release

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Tombstone Pizza is raising a glass to its barroom beginnings with the introduction of Tavern-Style Pizza, a new take on the zesty, bold taste first introduced nearly 65 years ago at the Tombstone Tavern in Medford, Wisconsin. The latest culinary creation is loaded with flavorful toppings and the brand’s signature sauce, all on a thin, buttery crust.

Two savory options are offered for an MSRP of $6.99, both of which will be available at select retail stores starting this month with nationwide availability in July:

The Primo, which is loaded with pepperoni, sausage, banana peppers, red onion, zesty tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese on thin, buttery crust.
Let’s Meat Up is piled high with pepperoni, pork belly crumble, zesty tomato sauce, rich cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, also featuring a thin, buttery crust.

What goes better with pizza than beer? Some might even say they are the perfect combination. So it’s no surprise that Tombstone Pizza has teamed up with New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado to give consumers a “full on flavor” Imperial IPA experience with the release of the Voodoo Ranger I(Pizza)A, a limited-edition pizza-flavored beer.

“Tombstone Tavern-Style Pizza taps into our history, while also introducing a new flavor era for the brand. And there’s no better way to toast to our latest culinary innovation than with an ice-cold I(Pizza)A, created in collaboration with our friends at Voodoo Ranger.” said Neil Morrissey, marketing brand manager at Nestlé USA, Tombstone’s parent company.

He added: “I(Pizza)A pairs the innovative and flavorful IPAs from Voodoo Ranger with bold tastes inspired by Tombstone Pizza. This 7% ABV beverage delivers an ice-cold refreshing beer with flavors reminiscent of the Tombstone Pizza crispy crust, namely tangy tomato sauce, and savory herbs, spices and a finishing pepperoni kick of heat.”