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Veggies Made Great Extends Veggie Cake Range with Three New Products

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Rahway, New Jersey-based New Classic Cooking is expanding its Veggies Made Great Garden Lites Veggie Cakes line with the introduction of three more flavors that will be rolled out at Costco club stores throughout the United States in January of 2020. The new low-calorie, gluten-free Butternut Squash, Harvest Root and Quinoa offerings are distributed in 765-gram 12-packs and may be served foe breakfast, as a snack or side dish.

Quinoa Veggie Cakes are a savory blend of nutrient-dense ingredients including kale, quinoa, and carrots. The Butternut Squash recipe, in addition to its namesake main ingredient, features carrots and a hint of brown sugar, while Harvest Root Veggie Cakes are a blend of root vegetables including beets, carrots and sweet potatoes. Harvest Root is the first Veggies Made Great product to feature beets, a nutritionally rich vegetable packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber.

The Veggies Made Great band has expanded rapidly since 2015. The producer’s focus on three main segments – Muffins, Veggie Cakes and Frittatas – has led to national growth in both frozen and refrigerated food sections, more than tripling the company’s retail profile.

Veggies Made Great management believes the most significant way for consumers to improve their health is by eating more vegetables, as currently only one in ten Americans consumes the daily recommended amount. The company has developed veggie-based products to address the key barriers that people have when it come to boosting intake, including knowing how to cook vegetables, minimizing waste of perishable products, and making them taste good.