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Yearsley Logistics obtain planning in Peterborough for 3rd Superhub

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Yearsley Logistics has now received detailed planning permission to build a 150,000 pallet cold store in Peterborough. This 3rd Superhub is planned to be built in phases, commencing in 2014 in the Great Haddon Employment Zone.

B3444 View-1-WITH-LOGO1The successful planning permission follows on from the Yearsley Logistics’ integration of the Hams Hall development late last year and the recently opened Phase 5 extension at the Heywood head office. The 3 Superhubs together will service the whole of the UK with a consolidation service for manufacturers into retailers.

The £65million total investment will provide a 385,000 sq. ft. part mobile rack and part automated crane cold store. Automated crane stores require significantly less energy (up to 30% less) to operate due to their design, reduced door openings and minimal lighting requirements. The whole of the new building will also be super insulated, fitted with LED lighting and solar panels, making it probably the most energy efficient in the country and ensuring Yearsley Logistics continues to lead the industry in building cost effective, sustainable solutions.

Managing Director Harry Yearsley commented. “Several years ago we saw that the frozen industry was moving to shorter lead times. Our strategy to embrace this by investing in Superhubs in strategic locations, as well as implementing new systems and processes should comfortably deliver this and maintain our industry leading position. The Peterborough site is in the ideal location given its proximity to the A1 and A14 and we are extremely pleased to have received detailed planning permission.”

3rd Superhub for Yearsley Logistics – Proposed Peterborough Depot