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Yum Actually Fruit and Vegetable Treats Now in More Metro NY Stores

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Yum Actually, promoted as “the yummiest way to eat fruits and vegetables,” is now stocked in over 100 frozen food departments at stores throughout the New York tri-state area, among them D’Agostino, Food Bazar and Gristedes Supermarkets.

The “better for you” ice cream line is the brainchild of Nicole Frankel, who while trying to encourage her children to eat more healthy vegetables and fruits, developed a nutritiously unique ice cream. Offered in convenient four-packs, each cup of Yum Actually provides a full serving of a healthy fruit or vegetable content.

How did the company name come about?

“Thinking of my daughter’s love of ice cream, I blended some superfoods and dairy in my kitchen ice cream maker. She took one spoonful and declared, “It’s yum actually!”, and my product was born.

The rich tasting ice cream recipe contains 40% less sugar than other brands. Current flavors include Mango, Sweet Potato and Caramel, Banana and Honey along with Butternut Squash and Butterscotch.

The D’Agostino supermarket legacy began almost a hundred years ago with two teenagers from Italy who opened a grocery store in Manhattan. In 2022 the D’Agostino Family continues to own and operate their 12 stores based on principles of quality, service and innovation.

In 1988 Francis An, a Korean immigrant, established his first supermarket in Queens to cater to the ethnic ingredient needs of international communities. Under the corporate name Bogopa, which translates from the Korean as “Yearnings for You,” An continues to expand the Food Bazar Supermarket brand and store locations, which now number 26 in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Gristedes Supermarkets has served shoppers in New York City since 1888. Founded by teenagers Diedrich (Dick) and Charles Gristede, the food chain continues to prosper by sourcing quality products backed by personalized service. It currently operates 31 stores in Manhattan.