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Ziyad Brothers Organize Food Aid for Victims of Beirut Explosion Disaster

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Chicago, Illinois-based Ziyad Brothers Importing (ZBI), one of America’s largest distributors of Middle Eastern foods including frozen halal chicken nuggets and tenders, cooked beef and gyros lamb slices, has brought together leading Lebanese food manufacturers to provide food donations to help victims of the devastating  ammonium nitrate explosion that rocked the port city of Beirut on August 4. The tragedy left more than 190 people perished, approximately 6,500 injured, and over 300,000 were rendered homeless.

A team of Ziyad Brothers volunteers is currently in Beirut organizing the food drive and coordinating donations from eight of the most popular local food manufacturing companies in Lebanon, including Al Rabih, Castania, Grapeful, Mechaalany, Second House Gourmet Foods, Al Forno, Msallem and Ziyad. The donations are being distributed by trusted nonprofit partners.

“With our local efforts along with our partners in Lebanon, we hope to empower our communities, help the local economy and provide a glimpse of hope for a better future,” said CEO Nemer Ziyad.

He added: “We believe that hope starts with food. We want to remind people in Beirut that they are important to us by providing special high-quality food that we hope will offer comfort during these difficult times. We also want them to know that they will not be forgotten and that the world cares. Ziyad truly cares and we want to do our best to strengthen their will to restore, rebuild and move forward. That is the Lebanese spirit.”

Maher Chebaro, a food specialist, chef and critical member of the Ziyad team, is on the ground in Beirut overseeing the support drive.

“Being Lebanese, this is coming from my heart, but being a member of Ziyad Brothers is also coming from the spirit of community support that Ziyad has built over the years, and I am proud to be a part of that. In a time filled with so much loss and heartache, we’re dedicated to giving families the joy and peace of eating together,” said Chebaro.

Ziyad Brothers Importing is one of the most recognized producers of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods in the United States, distributing products to more than 2,500 ethnic grocery stores and over 10,000 major mainstream American food retailers.

For more information on the company’s campaign to support victims of the tragedy in Beirut, visit www.Ziyad.com/beirut.