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Apetito Lunchbox Convenience Meals Feature Italian, Asian and Greek Cuisine

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The new Lunchbox high convenience meals from Rheine, Germany-based apetito consist of five popular dishes that can be ready to eat after eight minutes of zapping in a microwave oven. They’re good for lunch, dinner, after school or even lunch at the office. All are 350 grams and suggested for retail at 2.49 euros.

The Tomate Total, guaranteed vegetarian, is macaroni with fresh and dried tomatoes, tomato sauce and Pecorino cheese. Also in the pasta department is Pasta Mamma: Spaghetti Bolognese with ground beef and tomato sauce.

Two of the others are Asian cuisine dishes: China Chicken (with a sweet-sour sauce, curry coriander, pineapple, mushrooms and ginger) and Crazy Curry, featuring chicken, rice, paprika, spring onions, coriander and coconut milk.

Rounding out the selection is Gyros Genial, a Greek specialty with chicken, rosemary, marjoran, thyme and garlic.