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Bindi Introduces New Line of Panna Cotta Italian Desserts

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Belleville, New Jersey-based Bindi Dessert USA has unveiled a new collection of Panna Cotta to the American foodservice market. Three gluten-free varieties of the Italian sweet treat are available:

  • Traditional (made with cooked sweetened cream)
  • Espresso (cooked sweetened cream infused with espresso and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and an espresso flavored chocolate bean)
  • Mango (cooked sweetened cream infused with mango puree and topped with mango pieces)

The thaw-and-serve, bite-sized molded desserts are packed in units of 16 per case. Net weight per serving is 3.17 ounces.

For over 70 years Bindi has specialized in providing foodservice operators with frozen desserts and other products meeting quality standards strictly enforced by a parent company born and headquartered in Milan, Italy. More than 500 items are in its portfolio, with exports going to over 60 countries around the world.

Bindi’s Panna Cotta caters to the menus of cafes, hotels, bars, and banquet halls as well as restaurants, offering kitchen personnel the choice of mixing and matching the flavors, serving them integrated in a set of three, or individually with added preferred toppings.

With a production facility in New Jersey and distribution centers in the Garden State and Los Angeles, California, the company provides customers with speedy delivery through a cold chain logistics network that maintains the same level of quality from factory to end user.