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Birds Eye Curries UK Favor for Curry Flavor

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Birds Eye branded Chicken Balti and Chicken Tikka Masala, delicately spiced and offered with generous portions of meat, are being rolled out by in the United Kingdom market. Both frozen ready meals, which retail for approximately £2, come with rice.

“This new range has been created from scratch based on multi-stage consumer group exploration in Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol and London,” said Pete Johnson, the Iglo Group company’s senior brand manager in the UK. “We’re excited to be introducing these new curries and continuing in our mission to deliver innovative, great tasting meals that can be prepared at home quickly and easily.”

The Tikka Masala dish features a blend of chicken breast chunks with milk tikka and a creamy sauce, while the Balti offering serves up chunks of chicken breast with peppers, onion and a spicier sauce. Each product is distributed in stand-up packaging designed to impart greater eye appeal, and thus buy appeal, among shoppers in the frozen food departments of Britain’s supermarkets and grocery stores.