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Brazi Bites Debuts ‘Better-For-You’ Clean Ingredient Pizza Bites Line

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Brazi Bites has rolled out a retail range of gluten-free, “better-for-you” Pizza Bites in Cheese & Uncured Pepperoni, Four Cheese and Supreme varieties. They are distributed in 10 oz (283g) bags full of mini pocket snacks that are golden and cheesy on the outside, with a soft pizza filling on the inside. Each features signature cheese bread dough made with tapioca flour.

“This exciting new product line allows us to continue our path to revolutionize the freezer aisle,” said Junea Rocha, co-founder and chief marketing officer of the Portland, Oregon, USA-based company. “We’re presenting shoppers with a naturally gluten-free and clean-ingredient treat that typically has a reputation of being unhealthy.”

Convenient to prepared, the Pizza Bites go from freezer to oven or air-fryer to warm up tasty snacks, appetizers or meals in just minutes. They are high in protein and contain no grain, trans-fat or soy ingredients.

The Pepperoni offering is stuffed with mozzarella, uncured pepperoni and tomato sauce, while the Four Cheese recipe features mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and asiago. The Supreme is packed with uncured pepperoni, Italian sausage, red and green bell peppers, onions and spices.

Selling for $5.99 per bag, Pizza Bites are available at Kroger supermarkets nationwide, as well as at Safeway, Giant, Stop & Shop, Target, Wegmans, New Seasons, Publix and other stores. They join a growing assortment of frozen products from the company that include Brazilian Cheese Bread, Empanadas and Breakfast Sandwiches.