Central Foods Expands Bread Range with KaterBake Lebanese Flatbreads

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Northamptonshire, England-based distributor Central Foods has launched a range of frozen KaterBake Lebanese flatbreads for foodservice customers across the UK. Available in a selection of flavors and sizes, the products may be used as wraps, pizza bases, traditional accompaniments to hummus and dips, or for dipping into olive oil flavored with herbs.

“As many foodservice operators have streamlined or simplified their menus as a result of the coronavirus pandemic due to staff shortages, supply chain issues or uncertainties over demand, these products can be a blessing in any kitchen since they are so versatile and can be served in a number of different ways at different points in the day,” said Central Foods Managing Director Gordon Lauder. “This frozen product, also known as Khoubz, the Arabic word for bread, is particularly useful for foodservice operators. It ensures that there is always a supply of ‘fresh’ bread to hand.”

The range features eye-catching beetroot, carrot and spinach flatbreads, along with plain versions. The flavored options are distributed in 10” diameter units, while the plain flatbread is available in 8”, 10” and 12” diameter sizes.

“A quick and easy, traditional way of serving Lebanese flatbreads is to top them with herbs such as za’atar, feta cheese or minced meat and slice or fold to serve for a Middle Eastern version of pizza,” said Lauder.

The product line is halal approved and has a defrosted shelf life of three days when unopened. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians, which makes it ideal for the growing demand for plant-based sandwiches, pizzas, wraps and other bread-based products.

The 8” flatbreads (65g each) are available packed 28 x 5, while the 10” (72g each) are distributed in 25 x 5 units and the 12” (116g each) in 20 x 5 packs.

Central Foods is regarded as one of the Britain’s leading frozen food distributors, supplying a wide range of products to the foodservice sector. Founded more than 25 years ago, in addition to restaurants and pubs the company supplies hotels, universities, schools, care homes, garden centers and leisure outlets. It currently sells to over 180 independent wholesalers, as well as larger national and regional wholesalers.