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Central Foods Rolls Out Menuserve Squidgy Chocolate Roll in UK Market

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Frozen food distributor Central Foods has introduced a new Menuserve Quidgy Chocolate Roll to the United Kingdom foodservice sector in. The sweet treat is a light, squidgy, flourless chocolate sponge, rolled and filled with whipped cream and a rich chocolate ganache, all dusted with cocoa.

“This is a super versatile product that can be served at different occasions, including as part of an afternoon tea, as a beverage accompaniment or as a tempting light dessert. The combination of fluffy texture and flavor makes it very moreish,” said Gordon Lauder, managing director of Northamptonshire, England-based Central Foods.

The chocolate roll joins an extensive range of “thaw and serve” desserts and puddings offered under the Menuserve banner, and has been launched ahead of the upcoming holiday season, when such products are popular on Christmas menus.

The Squidgy Chocolate Roll serves up to 14 portions.