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Clicks Say Brits Fancy Carrot Cake, While Cheesecake is Global Favorite

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Carrot Cake is the most searched for cake online in the United Kingdom, according to a recent study by Mijdrecht, Netherlands-based Maxima Kitchen Equipment. A total of 83,000 searches for the term “Carrot Cake” in the UK would seem to make the sweet treat the country’s firm favorite.

Chocolate Cake is the second most searched for cake in the nation, at 80,000 online searches. Third place belongs to Cheesecake with 56,000 online searches, while in fourth is Red Velvet with 48,000 clicks.

Rounding out the top five is Bakewell with 33,000 searches, followed by morish meringue cake Pavlova with 30,000 clicks.

Christmas Cake sits seventh in the top 10, with 20,000 searches, however interest in the seasonal cake is likely to increase the winter months approach.


Madeira Cake and Black Forest Gateau share position eight, with approximately 19,000 searches apiece, while Lemon Cake and Victoria Sponge each achieved 18,000 online searches, sharing position nine. Simnel Cake ranks No. 10 with 16,000 clicks.

Cheesecake is #1 Globally

As for global cake searches, Cheesecake is the world’s favorite, with 1.2 million clicks. Pavlova takes second place worldwide with an impressive 432,000 searches, while third place goes to UK winner Carrot Cake, with 392,000 clicks.

Ranking No. 4 is Chocolate Cake with 383,000 searches, while Red Velvet Cake comes in fifth with 342,000 clicks. Next in sixth place is Lemon Cake with 88,000 searches, followed by seasonal superstar Christmas Cake with 82,000 searches.

The eighth spot is a tie between Bakewell and Victoria Sponge Cake with 39,000 searches each, while ninth is claimed Madeira Cake with 38,000 clicks. The final spot in the world’s top ten favorite cakes goes to Black Forest Gateau with 30,000 searches.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for Maxima Kitchen Equipment said: “The UK has a hunger for Carrot Cake despite the world choosing Cheesecake on the whole as its favorite. It’s good to see that Brits are unafraid to go against the grain and claim a slightly less popular cake as their national winner.”