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Dawn Launches Blackcurrant and Banana Fudge Icings for Baked Goods

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Dawn Foods has expanded its range of easy-to-use fudge icings with two vegan-suitable fudge icings, both made with natural fruit flavors and colors. The Jackson, Michigan, USA-headquartered multinational company specializes in manufacturing and distributing breads, frozen baked goods, mixes, and other food products.

Dawn’s new vibrant purple color, Blackcurrant Fudge Icing can be used to create stunning Instagram-worthy baked goods. It has a deep fruity flavor and pairs well with chocolate and vanilla as well as citrus flavors such as lemon and lime, or other sweeter fruits such as apple and plum. A popular and “on trend” flavor across bakery and dessert offerings, blackcurrant is regarded as a “superfruit,” full of vitamin C with a slightly tart taste profile appealing to health-conscious consumers with a less sweet palate.

Banana Fudge Icing is also new from Dawn. Featuring an appealing rich, this classic and versatile all-natural fudge icing can be paired with many flavors including sticky toffee and caramel, as well as popular speculoos biscuit. Banana works well with fruits too, such as blueberry or cherry, as well as with nuts, ginger and honey. Recipe suggestions using this icing include Banana and Caramel Cupcakes or Pecan and Banana Cookies.