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DiGiorno Pineapple Pickle Pizza Culinary Creation Available Online

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Pizza toppings have long been a hot topic of debate, and Nestlé USA’s DiGiorno brand is fueling the fire with the introduction of frozen Pineapple Pickle Pizza. It’s an age-old question: Does pineapple belong on pizza? Or more recently, what about pickles? DiGiorno is saying yes to both.

DiGiorno Pineapple Pickle Pizza, made with a hand-tossed crust, creamy garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese and toppings split right down the middle – one-half sliced dill pickles and one-half delicious chunks of pineapple – offer consumers both sweet, juicy pineapple and sour, tangle pickle flavor to devour.

“From the DiGiornut to the Crust Cone, we love to push culinary boundaries and surprise our fans with unique innovations that spark conversation,” said Kimberly Holowiak, senior brand manager. “Consumers love to debate pizza toppings, especially pineapple and pickles, and we’re excited to see how pizza lovers will react to this latest creation.”

During September the Pineapple Pickle Pizza is being offered free of charge online at shopdigiorno.goodnes.com on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

“We hope our Pineapple Pickle Pizza brings people together through friendly debate, no matter which side they choose,” said Holowiak.