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Discover Recipes with Ardo Glocal Veggies

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Mindfoodness: savoring a balanced diet with that little bit extra, together. These products handily allow you to follow this trend, as they contain at least 50% vegetables, a maximum of 30% carbohydrates and 100% authentic, home-made flavor.

And to add that little bit extra, Ardo has gathered inspiration from all over the world.


Veggie Mix Indian Style

Excite your taste buds with India’s rich palette of colors and yours, currently a hot culinary trend.  Lentils are combined with spinach, cauliflower rice, butternut squash and chick peas.  A classic spicy coconut curry sauce completes the dish.

100154610 – 10x1kg



Veggie Mix Nordic Style

Scandinavia’s pure cuisine is winning over the world, and now you as well.  Barley provides the necessary fiber, complemented by green vegetables such as spinach, green beans, peas, leeks and edamame soy beans.  The finishing touch is a zesty lime dill sauce.  Honest and delicious fare!

100268010 – 10x1kg


Veggie Paella

Veggie paella? That’s right.  Ardo’s team in Valencia has developed a variation that respects the classic flavor profile.  Traditional round-grained rice is combined with grilled yellow and red peppers, peas, onion, romano and cannelini beans, with an authentic paella sauce.  Ready to eat or perfect for serving with fish or meat.

100150710 – 10x1kg


Discover here the culinary inspiration of Ardo’s Glocal Veggies