DJ Khaled Partners with Reef in International Chicken Wing Startup

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Grammy-winning artist and record producer DJ Khaled is collaborating bigtime with Reef Technology, which bills itself as the largest operator of parking real estate and delivery-only virtual restaurants in North America, to make Another Wing fly successfully across three continents. Launching the enterprise on November 11, the goal is to soon have hundreds of ghost kitchens and delivery services on line in the USA, Canada, France and the United Arab Emirates. In North America, its turf will include New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.

“Everything I do is big,” said DJ Khaled. “My team and I are focused on launching new partnerships, new ideas and spreading love to my fans all around the world. Partnering with Reef is a new, exciting venture which allows me to introduce some amazing wings to everyone, everywhere.”

Another Wing’s menu features bone-in and boneless chicken wings in seven signature flavors, including Un Un Un Believable Buffalo, Don’t Quit Nashville Hot, You Loyal! Lemon Pepper, Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Siracha, and They Don’t Want You To Win TRUFFALO, made with a combination of black truffles, parmesan and buffalo sauce.The price of six-piece wing orders starting at $6.95.

Also offered are side dishes such as Spicy Togerashi Fries, Jalapeno Cheese Fries, Truffle Parm Fries, Onion Rings. Chocolate Chip Cookies, desserts and beverages are available too.

“By launching on three continents and 165 locations at the same time, we are sharing with the world how brands can use our platform to scale with unprecedented speed and minimal capital investment. We are truly connecting the world to your block,” said Alan Philips, chief creative officer of Reef, a company engaged in transforming urban spaces into community hubs that create jobs and bring new goods, services and experiences to local consumers.