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Erlenbacher Indulgence3 Slices into Healthy-eating Market

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Erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH, a major supplier of frozen cakes, tarts and sweet goods to the European catering and wholesaler sectors, is targeting vegan and gluten-free food consumers, as well as healthy eaters in general, with its newly launched Indulgence3 offerings. The wholesome cake treats range from apple-spelt whole meal slices to brownies with beetroot and fruity and nutty banana bread.

Mood Genuss hoch3“We had our Indulgence3 cake slices tested in advance in three countries,” said Babette Schmidt, head of communication for the Gross-Gerau, Germany-based company. “In general, the feedback was very positive. The apple-spelt whole meal slices were particularly popular with the German testers. In contrast, the testers in England and Spain preferred the vegan banana bread and the gluten-free raspberry brownie.”

With the introductions, the Nestlé company is purposefully expanding its range of “free from” products and is focusing on a nutrition-conscious segment of the market. Here is an overview of the three newcomers, which like all other cakes produced by Erlenbacher, are free of additives:

  • Whole Grain Apple-Spelt Slices (Mr. Grain): This is the rugged one among the slices. Here, a crunchy mix of pumpkin seeds and oats meets a fruity topping of apple slices and blueberries. The basis is a juicy apple-spelt whole meal pound cake.
  • Raspberry Brownie, gluten-free (Doc Choc): Promoted as “superfood for chocolate lovers,” the gluten-free chocolate pound cake is extra juicy. The “secret ingredient” is beetroot, which makes the brownie very moist. Doc Choc is topped with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and raspberries.
  • Banana-Currant Slices (Banana Kid): The fruity-sweet power pack of vegan banana pound cake with crunchy walnuts is covered with red currants. Add an oat-almond mix and the result is cake indulgence with bite.

Erlenbacher Backwaren exports more than 450 products to approximately 45 countries and employs over 600 people. Last year it sold over 23 million premium baked goods items to restaurant chains, caterers and specialist wholesalers.