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Erlenbacher Introduces ‘Nordic by Nature’ Gateaux Trio

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Erlenbacher Backwaren has unveiled three “Nordic by Nature” gateaux just in time to offer visitors attending the March 9-13 Internorga foodservice trade show in Hamburg.

From skyr and sea buckthorn to blueberries and rose hip, the Gross-Gereau, Germany-based frozen sweet goods specialist is utilizing components that are ideal for a “naked cake look.” The pre-cut products are distributed pre-cut in 1,450-gram, 24 cm units.

“We have focused on traditional, but at the same time trendy ingredients. And we have used skyr for the first time in one of the gateaux,” said Babette Schmidt, head of communications. “The results are a nutty rose hip gateau with smooth vanilla skyr cream, a fruity and aromatic sea buckthorn gateau with buttermilk cream, and a creamy and delicate blueberry gateau with buttermilk-elderflower cream.”

Nordic Super Food

Legend has it that the Vikings ate skyr. More than a century later the Icelandic milk product, which tastes like a mixture of low-fat fromage frais and yogurt, is ever popular, according to “Consumers Choice ’17” survey findings.

“For many guests, skyr is something different. They are especially fond of its slightly tart taste,” said Christoph Moser, cook and master chef at the Hamburg-based ChefsCommunity GmbH network. “Icelanders really enjoy eating their skyr with fruit. This is a combination that gives Erlenbacher’s rose hip gateau its versatile taste. Slightly bitter rose hip perfectly complements sweet and sour lingonberry and creamy skyr.”

Here an overview of the three “Nordic by Nature” ready baked, frozen gateau offerings, each of which is formulated to take the Scandinavian concept of cozy and convivial “hygge” to a higher level of flavor to savor.

  • Erlenbacher GroupRose Hip with Skyr Gateau – a trio of nutty bases, each covered in a layer of vanilla skyr cream and a delicate, fruity combination lingonberry and rose hip.
  • Fruity and Aromatic Sea Buckthorn Gateau – “Lemon of the North” in a sweet and sour combination with soft chocolate brownie bases alternating with smooth layers of buttermilk cream.
  • Creamy and Delicate Blueberry Gateau – Fruity blueberries swirled with light and smooth buttermilk-elderflower cream on top of fluffy muffin bases.

As is the case with all products made by Erlenbacher Backwaren, the “Nordic by Nature” gateaux series is free of declarable additives and contains no artificial flavors, colors or hydrogenated fats and oils.

In business for over 40 years, Erlenbacher employs approximately 600 people and annually produces in excess of 23 million premium baked goods units for restaurant chains, caterers and wholesalers. The Nestlé company offers more than 450 different SKUs and exports to over 45 countries.