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Flexitarian-inspired Garden Gourmet Range Comes to UK

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Nestlé has introduced a new line of frozen and chilled plant-based meat alternative products to the United Kingdom under the Garden Gourmet label, which has been available in other parts of Europe and Israel for some time. Aimed especially at consumers on flexitarian diets, the range of 12 products now available at Sainsbury’s stores and via the Ocado online platform features meat-free chicken-style fillets and quinoa kale burgers as well as faux chorizo, broccoli bakes, falafel spinach, falafel beetroot and other items.

garden gourmet photo“We find that people want to enjoy a healthier diet and try to eat less meat, but they are sometimes disappointed with the taste. We’ve been working hard to offer something different to consumers and have developed a versatile range of delicious meat-free products packed with flavor to make sure there is no need to compromise on taste ever again,” said Paula Jordan, managing director of Nestlé’s UK Food Division.

“We believe that vegetarian cooking is more than just cooking vegetables – it’s about new tastes, flavors and an exciting experience, as well as leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle,” she added. “Meat-free doesn’t have to mean excitement-free, and Garden Gourmet is here to help revolutionize the vegetarian category by banishing bland and livening up mealtimes with a fantastic range of delicious veggie products.”

All products now on offer are devoid of artificial flavors and preservatives, and are a good source of protein, which helps muscle mass growth and maintenance as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They are also a solid source of fiber.

The range is positioned as a vegetarian rather than vegan brand, as some offerings contain cheese or are produced in facilities that utilize egg ingredients to make other products.